About the Owners and the Building


We (Scott and Lara) have been working on building this dog kennel for over 10 years. We had an Alaskan Malamute named Sebastian.  He grew to be much bigger than his 75 pound father to over 120 pounds.


There was not a kennel large enough to make him comfortable.  So we started talking to friends to find out that many big dog owners were having the same challenge.  We have spent that last ten years looking for the perfect land and designing a kennel from our dog’s point of view. We put in all concrete floors so it’s easy to keep clean and dogs love cool concrete. Large 5 feet by 5 feet indoor runs.

Extra large outdoor runs up to 30 feet long, all 5 feet wide The roof of the building covers the first 5 feet of the each run to provide shade from the sun and protection from rain. Skylights in all office and kennel provide natural light. The kennel has heating and air conditioning. All interior paint is zero VOC.  That is the paint gives off zero harmful chemicals into the air.


We used environmentally friendly cleaners to keep the air healthy.Here are Gracie and Issac our two dogs over 270 pounds of dog together inside one run. 



scott-peaceful haven farm dog boarding kennelScott